DC Fawcett Real Estate-Financing-Strategies-For-Real-Estate-Investment

DC Fawcett Real Estate Strategies For Real Estate Investment

The funds should be always in rotation which would help you to do investment smooth. Preserving funds for forthcoming investment is essential, but when you don’t have funds, here are the few financing strategies given by DC Fawcett.

DC Fawcett Real Estate-Financing-Strategies-For-Real-Estate-Investment

The Reviews Of DC Fawcett Are As Follows

  • Bank loan Financing

This is the most traditional method but still chosen as first option by many investors. You own cash already for down payment and the bank will help you out in rest of the payment. The eligibility criteria are based on your financial overview, credit score and paper work should be fine. Many investors may or may not qualify. You can’t depend on bank totally for your down payment, and then bank can give you 10 to 20 % of down payment alone; else your request is rejected.  There is a clause that you cannot avail second financing that is you are having funds somewhere else.

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  • High ratio financing

It has strict guidelines than bank loans, but it is recommended as one of the best options for new investors. You get cash with good interest rate. You can live in that property for few years, move out and sale it for a higher price. When you opt for high ratio financing as second financing, see to that you can repay when rate of interest rise or fall quickly.

  • Home equity line of credit or HELOC

When you don’t have money for down payment, you need to find a financing strategy. Many would prefer HELOC scheme in addition to that you should have lot of equity. The bank should pre-approve it, by checking your mortgage and other financial qualifications are satisfactory. Then this scheme can be sanctioned.

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  • VTB and private mortgage

VTB is vendor take back where seller finances you. RRSP is registered retirement savings plan can be used when they move their scheme to self–directed RRSP and finance you just like how a bank provides you loan.  Private mortgage is borrowing money from an individual. This is quite flexible strategy, the amount you are allowed to borrow; eligibility criteria and repayment options are flexible. The above 3 mentioned schemes can be used in first and second mortgage.

  • Joint venture

When you aren’t qualified by the bank, the next best option is Joint venture. Joint venture is an agreement where two parties come together in consent to use their resources.

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  • Local lenders and online sources

These lenders don’t have much criteria to satisfy, you can avail money easily. Send direct mail campaign requesting you are in need of money to all the lenders you know. You might get loan from any one at least in your list.

DC Fawcett Virtual Wholesaling Solutions To The Blunders In Real Estate investment

Real estate is a field where committing errors is quite common. The investors must be careful with each and every investment you make in order to prevent from making a mistake DC Fawcett Virtual Wholesaling.

DC Fawcett Real Estate -Blunders-In-Real-Estate-investment

DC Fawcett Reviews highlights the mistakes and provide solutions to the investors

  • Improper planning ,insufficient knowledge and impatience

  • Make a thorough study of the field by reading blogs , articles on real estate before you invest, else you are committing a big mistake.

  • Investors must plan how to make investments both short-term and long-term as well as set the priorities right. You should also have a back-up plan (Plan b) if plan A fails.

  • Impatience will not fetch you any gain, real estate investments take a long time to fetch you returns, so only being patient you can survive and master the art.

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  • Decision making

Only by visiting several properties you can make out how the real estate works. Sitting at home will not fetch you profitable investments and investigate the reason that why the property is on sale.

  • Doing it alone

Take help of the reputed property management companies which can give you the best results as you can make thorough study of various properties from the renowned professionals. You can also have partnership with your buddy who might be interested in real estate.
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  • Bad financing

Bad financing costs you heavy loss; it includes high interest rate, balloon payment and high monthly payment. Do not invest huge initially, gradually scale up the investment.

  • Location and Overpricing

Whether it is rental or for sale, do not overprice in order to earn more as it will only keep your property unsold. Location is the most important factor that you must keep in mind while investing as bad location will make your property stand still in the market unsold.

  • Assumptions

Assumptions will not work in real estate market; do not judge the resale value of any property just by looking at it. Underestimating repair and renovation cost is also a big blunder which will lead to financial loss and running out of cash is one of the worst thing that can happen to an investor.

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  • Strategy

The investors must also decide what they are going to do with the money obtained after the property being sold. This is known as “exit strategy” which must be decided before the sale. Choose right rental strategy in order to fetch returns.

  • Risk and returns

Do not buy properties which are on risk, it will create a bad portfolio. Do not make investments keeping in mind about the average historical returns, as time varies, returns do change.

While investing, beware of scams that happen around you.

Fake property owner scam: There could be no proper landlord to a property, but real estate agents would try to sell off the property to you.

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DC Fawcett Reviews – Strategies On Effective Real Investment

Real estate investment cannot be learnt overnight as it requires lot of time, research and patience to learn the art and apply effective strategies to earn profit quickly.

Let’s have a look at DC Fawcett reviews on do’s and don’ts of real estate marketing.


  • Advertising

The advertising is not same as how it was decades ago. Many scams happen through this strategy. So people give least importance and avoid posting information or providing details to real estate agents. Calling people or visiting at doorstep is an age old method and nowadays it is not the right way to approach a customer. Magazines and newspaper have very less amount of information about real estate.

  • Digital platform

Internet plays a vital role in real estate scenario as everything is available by just a click of a mouse. Investors seek for information online which provides reliable and accurate information.

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How to earn profits in a short span of time?

  • Cash flow
  • Appreciation value of the property
  • Investing in stocks market ( REIT investment )
  • Tax benefits
  • Vacation home can fetch you rent
  • Short terms rentals are preferable in order to get better profit

Types of investments:

  • Residential

Ensure that you buy home for yourself either to stay or to rent it out. It is a long term investment.

  • Commercial

Large buildings like office or complexes can be purchased as a property. With the funds, you can construct a building and give it out for rent for commercial purposes.

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  • Retail

One of the best types of real estate investment is investing in business and retail markets. They can afford to pay more rent if property value increases.

DC Fawcett addresses the complaints and risks involved in real estate   marketing

  • Rehabbing is a process that consumes so much time. Ensuring that renovation cost is less than selling cost is a difficult task.
  • Property value may depreciate as market goes down
  • Diluted knowledge will lead to trouble. Investigate the entire property before purchasing
  • Repair and renovation cost must be calculated accurately. Approximation cost doesn’t work well. dc fawcett Virtual rehabbing 13
  • One cannot pay a huge sum of money overnight.
  • Overpricing is not a good idea and calculates returns correctly.
  • Location plays a vital role when buying a property. A bad location may end up your property in market for long time.
  • In House flipping, investors may often purchase a property that exceeds the mortgage value. It is not the correct way to make an investment. Ensure that it is vice-versa.
  • Avoid fore closured lenders.

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Moving cost scam: While you shift your belongings from one place to other through a property management company, to make more cash they keep your belongings for more time until you pay the amount they ask for. To avoid such scams, you can hire hourly labors to shift your things.

Email scam: Unreliable real estate agents often send spam emails requesting to provide information, investors not knowing that open the link and respond. All the information is thus available for scammers.

DC Fawcett Real Estate Ideologies On Real Estate Investment

DC Fawcett Real Estate – There are many ways in which one can invest and make quick profits in real estate. One of the easiest way to earn money quickly is through house flipping where one buys a house with an under market value to renovate or repair and sell the same house at higher price.


Real estate crowd funding: It is a process through which social media platforms asks the real estate companies to invest some money. Higher capital and unification are the two important factors in crowd funding. So different types of crowd funding are

Reward based: This is a method where people invest in exchange of rewards rather than cash.

Donation based: This is d one for charity purpose

Debt based: it is similar to mortgage with a certain rate of interest

Stake based: investor gets a share in their profit

There are two types of scams going around in real estate market. They are

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*Title scam: Title insurance plays a major role while purchasing a property. The scammers will not allow you to buy it. Make sure you invest in a company that has reliable title and property must not posses any mortgage payments.

*Rental scam: Many scammers use the information provided by the owners in rental sites, so many people fall prey for it by making transactions to the scammer’s account without proper knowledge. Once the amount is deposited to the account, the scammer disappears. It doesn’t involve attorney so many fraudulent cases are registered
How to prevent scams?

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•Take ample time to finish a deal

•Outdated information provided by agents in different business platforms in social media, so ask license and then proceed

•All details of the property should be asked before purchasing as some agents would like to sell property with issues.

•Rental scam can be prevented by partnering

DC Fawcett has given certain reviews on failure of real estate agents. They are

•Lack of motivation

•Lack of good presentation skills

•Multi tasking

•Time management

To overcome these drawbacks, DC Fawcett has given his point of view on how a real estate agent should be

•He should give priority to his clients

•Streamlined manner of work

•Commitment in whatever work they do

•Honest and straightforward towards the clients

•Flexible to the requirements of client

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DC  Fawcett who preaches the art of virtual real estate investment has been actively providing webinars and seminars on the concepts of rehabbing houses, house flipping, wholesaling houses, through which many real estate entrepreneurs are getting benefitted.The availability of internet has made the real estate easier as well as vulnerable to threats and scamsDC Fawcett, one who has profound knowledge on real estate has started a virtual real estate investing club exclusively for investors to know about virtual wholesaling.

The well equipped Virtual Real Estate investing club is to train young real estate entrepreneurs to earn profits quickly. This club helps you to start investing in real estate as part time without using any money and special license. Virtual real estate Wholesaling is where one can flip through multiple properties without owning it. It has its own benefits as one can work from home and no license is required. He also has written many blogs, so for budding real estate entrepreneurs can make use of it.

There are many ways in which you can improve your portfolio. To prevent from scam and to know more about financing strategies, visit DC Fawcett virtual Real estate investing club where blogs are written for the investors. New investors can try out Virtual wholesaling at free of cost.


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