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DC Fawcett Real Estate Tips -For Starters , To Sell Your Property Fast ,Without An Agent

DC Fawcett Real Estate – Tips To Sell Your Home Without An Agent

How can i sell my home for fair market value price? DC Fawcett, a real estate expert who has years of experience in this industry guides you an easy way to sell your home without an agent.

Selling house is a life changing decision for many. Due to various reasons like relocation, divorce, health issues and financial problems, people sell their houses. But if you are first time home seller then probably you may not be aware of the available methods to sell your home.

Hiring a real estate agent to sell your home might seem to be a fair option. But it has its own drawbacks too. They might charge you 5-10% of brokerage commission charges to sell your house. Sometimes even after paying such a huge sum, they may delay the process and take long time to close on your house. To avoid such hassle, you can take the whole responsibility in your hands and sell your house by yourself with the easy tips by DC Fawcett.

DC Fawcett Tips to sell Home without an Agent

Many new investors have benefitted from DC Fawcett real estate techniques and he guides his students to invest in virtual real estate. DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club (VREIC) teaches what working best with real estate industry nowadays.

Simple ways to sell your house faster

  • Avoid overpricing

Keep your emotions aside while pricing your home. Overpricing the house may avoid the buyers totally and they may not even want to view the house which has been priced unreasonably. You can avoid overpricing issues by hiring an appraiser or real estate expert. An appraiser or real estate expert would know the market value and also the appreciation value of your house. Hence they would never make a mistake in pricing your home. You can also compare the neighbourhood home prices in multiple listing websites and then price your home accordingly.

DC Fawcett Risk Of Home Buying Without An Agent

  • Appearance of your home matters

You can maximize the chances of selling your home soon by enhancing it curb appeal. By simple decorations and cleaning process you can make your house look better and sell it faster and for fair price. Before showing it to a buyer, you can do self inspection of broken door knobs, old curtains and torn carpets and change them to new. Give the fresh coat of paint to your house with neutral colors which beautifies the appearance of home

  • Depersonalize the home

Depersonalizing your home is very important since your home must look like someone else place. Remove all your personal properties from the house including your pets, wall photos as they may represent your presence in the house which make the buyer to fees uncomfortable.

DC Fawcett Risk of Buying a Home

Step by step approach to sell your home easily

Step 1: Do not overprice your home and fix a right price for your home since it can act as an important factor due to which your house may not attract many new buyers

Step 2: Find an efficient marketing channels to sell your house quickly. Besides the appearance of the house and other factors, you have to show the people that you have a house to sell. Choosing the right marketing channels and reliable multiple listing websites makes the job easier.

Step 3: Try to convince the buyers by telling the advantages of having your home. For example, you can explain the ongoing construction of school, colleges and other building etc.

Step 4: Get your house ready before showing it to a buyer. Enhance the curb appearance of the house by simple decorations.

DC Fawcett Real Estate – Guide To Sell Your Property Fast

Trying to sell your property quickly for reasonable market value? Set your property up for quick sale using DC Fawcett Real Estate ideas! Get your house ready to sell for more profit now!

If you are into real estate business and selling the property for first time then you may wonder how to do it for more profit and get the most of your home. You can ensure a speedy sale of your property with the help of few hacks and techniques from the desk of DC Fawcett who is a renowned real estate expert.

DC Fawcett Real Estate Guide-To-Sell-Your-Property-Fast

How can you sell your house faster even in an unfavorable real estate market?

Real estate market has its ups and downs always. You can’t find a favorable situation all the time to sell your house or property faster and for higher market value price. Here are few points to remember while selling your house or property,

  • Price your house reasonably. This is very important because the overpriced house might get rejected soon after you announce its price. Refer to online multiple listing websites and search for the properties which are out for sale. Compare the prices of your neighborhood properties and fix the right price.

  • Appearance of your property assures the speed sale. If you are selling the house for first time then make sure you have done the basic moderations, repairs and renovation works so that your house looks better when you show it up to a buyer.

DC Fawcett Guide to sell your property fast

  • At the same time, calculate the acquisition cost and resale value of your house. Your resale value should exceed the purchase value and renovation cost. Manage your renovation expenses accordingly.

  • Do a thorough research on surroundings and know whether any major construction or big projects are planned near your property. This could act as an added advantage and you can convince the buyers with these points and sell your property fast.

  • Do a necessary renovation, repairs and maintenance for your property so that important flaws of your house are corrected. Do not invest a huge money in fancy moderations or renovation like modular kitchen, gardens etc. since you may or may not get that investment back while selling the property. Do necessary repairs and renovation works which requires very low investments.

DC Fawcett sell property fast

  • Your property and you should be available at any time to show up. Buyers may contact you at any time and you should be flexible with timings. Allow them to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of house by leaving them alone for sometime.

  • You can list your house in all the major online multiple listing websites so that you get multiple responses from the buyers. Use social media to advertise your sale through which you get more responses nowadays. You can add some nice photos of your house which grabs the attention of the buyer fast.

What should you not do while selling your property

  • Leave the emotion aside while selling your home and view the deal from financial perspective so that you can negotiate with the buyer confidently.

  • Try to sell your home by yourself without hiring any agent. Any realtor might charge you 5-10% of brokerage commission on total house sale value.

  • Do not invest a huge money for renovation or repairs since it may or may not return while selling your property

  • Do not leave your personal things and remove your properties before showing the home to buyer.

DC Fawcett Reviews – Real Estate Investing Tips For Starters

Have you just started investing in real estate? Here is the list of effective tips from the desk of DC Fawcett to start investing in real estate business and earn more profit within short span of time.


A simple definition of Real estate could be investing money in property now and gain more profit in near future. It is every investor’s dream to turn their investment in real estate properties like houses, offices and buildings into profitable sources of income. But you should calculate the risk you take and make sure that the profit you make on each transaction is more than the acquisition cost of the property.

Rental properties gives a cash flow income throughout a year and they are highly profitable. But it needs regular maintenance and you may also have to find good tenants to accommodate occasionally. Real estate investments can become a life changing act once when you do it right. Though, it is said to be a long term investment yet it returns you a huge profit.

DC Fawcett Real Estate Investing Tips for Beginners

Real estate investment profit sources

Appreciation is the common source of profit in real estate investments. Consider that you have bought vacant land years back, then comes a rapid development in the area and the prices have gone far beyond the purchasing price. This is what we call it as real profit and this can be applied not only to the land but also to any real estate property like houses, apartments, buildings etc.

When the appreciation value of land rises reselling price also increases. Do a thorough research on upcoming valuable projects or construction economic zones or buildings which raises the appreciation value of the land.

DC Fawcett Real Estate tips for Real Estate Starters

How to invest in Residential properties?

Being a landlord is not an easy job. Finding a good rental property takes lot of effort and time. Residential property investments are profitable only when you buy it in a good location and in sound condition.

If you have decided to invest in rental properties then make sure that it is in good structural condition. Starting the renovation from scratch would be very difficult and avoid it at any cost. Instead if you buy the houses which are good in structure then it would be easier for you to manage it.

DC Fawcett Ideas on Real Estate Investing Tips For Starters

House Flipping, why is it called best real estate investment method?

Buying a house for under market value, repairing and renovating it and selling it for higher price is house flipping which earns you a hefty profit. If you are doing a house flipping for the first time then there are lot of mistakes which has to avoided.

Hire a house flipping or real estate expert to create an estimation on renovation cost. Make sure that the selling price exceeds the acquisition and renovation cost, for the first time flippers it will be really hard to calculate the accurate expenses. But with the expert’s guidance you can do it easily and earn more profit.

Soon after completion of renovation and repair works you can put up the house for sale in market. There are many online marketing tools and other advertising methods available or you can also advertise by distributing pamphlets, multiple listing websites etc. to sell the house quickly. To sell the property quickly, you also need to have some marketing skills.

Important points to remember while starting your career in real estate investing

  • Before start doing the job check with local realtors association and find out the requirements to obtain license.

  • Real estate investments is all about budgeting and getting it done correctly.

  • Create a client portfolio and develop relationships among people.

DC Fawcett Real Estate – Guide on How to Buy and Sell Houses for Profit

DC Fawcett -Guide-on-How-to-Buy-and-Sell-Houses-for-Profit

Among the different types of real estate investments, flipping houses is considered to be profitable and secure investment! Being a successful real estate investor and mentor, DC Fawcett teaches how to buy and sell houses to earn more profit!

House Flipping – A simple introduction

Real estate investors buys homes either searching online or at an auction and do repairs or renovations if needed. Then they sell them for higher profit to make money! It may seem to be an easy process but sometimes you may lose all your money if your decision goes wrong!

To get started with house flipping you need to have a strong credit source or cash. You need to prepare the acquisition cost which is essential for investment. Before planning to flip the house make sure you sell the property for more than acquisition price.

Along with acquisition price you may also need to do a major renovation or repair before selling the house. This could cost you thousands of dollars which depends upon the renovation work needed for the house. While selling the house you need to keep track of these expenses and make sure that the sale price exceeds the property acquisition and renovation costs. Only then you can gain the profit needed while flipping the houses.

Dc Fawcettt – How to start flipping a house?

Finding a property or house to flip is a time consuming process and you have to spend lot of time to find a genuine one. It can take from few weeks to months to find a house and renovate it before selling. You can refer to online multiple listing websites and do a thorough research on local cities and neighbourhoods and find houses to flip. Many flippers have bought the houses at an auction and flipped it successfully for profit after renovating it.

You can contact some real estate expert people who have been successful in house flipping. Learn the various tactics on how to find a property and start the renovating it before selling.

How to avoid mistakes while flipping houses?

Common mistakes first time flippers make while flipping houses is miscalculation of renovation cost. If you are about to start the business without any experience then it is really hard to calculate the total renovation cost accurately instead, you can seek the expert’s advice on the estimation costs and plan accordingly.

Get started with house flipping – Dc Fawcett Real Estate Tips

House flipping is an excellent way of earning in real estate if done right. Selection of location is an important factor which assures the profit. Search for location which is either highly in demand now or in near future so that people wishes to buy such properties for sure. The locality must have all the amenities which people desire and buying such properties will also increase the appreciation value of your house.

General suggestions for house flippers

  • If you are a first time house flippers then buy the houses which are structurally good. If you buy properties which needed to build from scratch then the job may get tough. Hence be on the safer side and buy the houses which need a simple renovation or repairs.

  • Depending upon your management skills and efficiency you can either hire a contractor or do the renovations job by yourself.

  • Hiring a contractor may cost you more than doing it by yourself but it can save you lot of time and energy.

  • Find the vendor who is motivated to sell the property quickly and buy the house for under market value of about 20 percent.

Dc Fawcett Real Estate Reviews – How to start investing in real estate successfully

Dc Fawcett ,Real estate is a great way of investment which offers good source of income. Learn the new methodologies and tactics involved in real estate with the help of DC Fawcett’s guide and start investing in real estate successfully.


Like any other investment options like gold, stocks etc. real estate too has developed with new standards. So, new investors should get to know what is working best in the industry today. This article describes the advanced ideas by a leading real estate expert DC Fawcett which assures your success in real estate business. No matter who you are, either a new investor or done lot of real estate business, you can invest in real estate and earn profit within short span of time.

Dc Fawcett Reviews – What makes real estate investments so advantageous?

Real estate investments can continuously rise in appreciation value and it always assures you a great profit. But real estate needs a huge amount as investment and also a regular maintenance. You can take home equity loan if you lack sufficient amount of money.

But before availing such loans make sure that your earning potential is enough to repay loan dues. If it is a rental property then you get the cash flow income throughout the year. But sometimes your house or rental property might be vacant and you may have to search for tenants for months. At such times, you may not have cash flow income from the rental property and you should be able to manage such situations.

Types of real estate investments that is more profitable to invest

Residential real estate investments

Houses, apartments, multifamily apartments etc. comes under residential real estate investment. Such investment made can be a long term and you may have to wait for appreciation value to rise. You can either buy those properties for self accommodation or for rental purposes. If you are purchasing for your own use, you no longer have to spend money for rental purposes and the land value rises as the time passes by. Else if you are buying to rent it, then you will get a cash flow income throughout the year.

Commercial real estate investments

Investing in big buildings like offices, multiplexes and skyscrapers is called to be commercial real estate investments. With your funds and sources rent you can construct the building and rent it to offices or other companies and earn rental income.

Retail real estate investments

Shopping complex, malls, retail store, showrooms etc. are retail real estate investment options. Such investments yield high profit since the retail stores are directly involved in business and they can pay more rent if the land value increases.

Dc Fawcett Tips  –  What are the risks involved in real estate investing?

Things may get worse sometimes and the property value may get decreases or rent value might get low due to various reasons. Unlike other investment methods, real estate investment has higher transaction costs and has low liquidity. It cannot be bought just like that and sold, it needs lot of time and energy.

Rehabbing the real estate property is a time and money consuming process. You need to hire a contractor or individual workers to rehab the old house. Only after doing it, you can be able to sell the house for higher market value. Purchasing the property for under market value and selling them for fair market value price with above 20% profit is a good deal. You need to manage the property and make sure that the renovation costs don’t exceed the acquisition cost.


DC Fawcett is a real estate entrepreneur come trainer, helping all real estate fervents to achieve their goals by means of his seminar and camps. In addition, he also teaches how to develop a real estate business and produce different income streams.

Dc Fawcett, the founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club, gives a fair idea in his blogs about going for the Flipping Houses .  Also, one could go through these blogs to understand the real estate scenario better.

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