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Dc Fawcett Real Estate Terms – Part 2

Dc Fawcett is a real estate investor and speaker who shares tips on real estate virtually. This is a set of real estate terms as defined and elaborated by him.

Broker price opinion


Broker price opinion is the methodology to estimate the potential selling price of a home and it is done by a broker.


It is used for real estate owned properties, pending foreclosures, asset evaluation and bookkeeping, appeal to annul lender’s mortgage insurance and so on. It is determined based on the

  • Structure type of the home, size, room use, age, lot size and parking.
  • Worth of like properties in the neighborhood.
  • The amount of staging and renovation needed to make the property saleable.
  • Degree of agreeability with local zoning necessities.

125% loan


It is a loan which has a principal amount equal to 125% of the initial property value


This results in higher interest rates and interest will consume a chunk of your mortgage payments every month. Then after a period of the loan, it comes down. This is obviously very unpredictable in nature.

2-1 Buydown


The 2-1 Buydown is a set of 2 initially reduced interest rate payments which increase step by step until a constant interest rate is reached.


This is offered as a loan motivator by the constructor or it is paid by the debtor initially to qualify for the loan.

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