Dc Fawcett Tips – Things A Real Estate Agent Must Never Say To His Clients

You might have across some situations when you say something and later on felt that you should have never said it. As an illustration: When you meet your friend after a long time and say, “hi it’s great to see you, having fun with your married life huh? without knowing that he is breaking up with his partner. You should always think before you say anything. Similarly, there are things which a real estate agent must never tell his client. In this article Dc Fawcett reviews things that a real estate agent must never tell his clients.

They should not say that a home inspection is not required

This is obviously the wrong thing to say. Every buyer needs the home inspection for any type of home that he buys – condos, townhouses, luxury homes or single-family homes. This will raise suspicions on the part of the buyer. When a buyer inspects a home, he comprehends on how to maintain the property and also comes to know about how longstanding the home will be. He also comes to know of several other things like the suitability of the home, process of moving in, the neighborhood, furnishing and decorating it and so on.

Agents should not say anything probing into client’s financial matters

This is irksome to many clients. The buyer may be borrowing money from his kinsfolk, but he does not like it to be pointed out by the real estate agent. It annoys him and he will not take it easy.

They should not say that they are off today

This is really bad. Real estate agents have to be there 365/12/24/7. This creates a bad impression in your client’s minds like you are negligent. If you genuinely cannot make it on that day, make the reply more formal. For instance, you can say that you have a few other commitments and will make it on some other day shortly.

They should not ask to sign the documents without a perusal and reading

This is a put off for many people. Any sensible and logical person will know that he should not sign documents without reading it. It is all the more important for real estate since it is the most costly and valuable asset of their life. Buyers should show the documents to the attorney and can sign after his approval.

“I know that the seller will accept even this much”

An agent must not state the smallest possible amount that the seller will accept. This means that they care

Just about selling the property and are not interested in getting the best price for the seller. These kind of real estate agents are rather inefficient.


These are some of the most important things that real estate agents must read to ensure good client reviews and relationship. Obviously, the client rating is important for the present transaction and for your track record too. So, newbies or inexperienced real estate agents must read this review by Dc Fawcett.

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